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Why Are Roofing Prices Increasing?

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

Mezini Roofing

Why Are Roofing Prices Increasing?


Clifton, NJ



Mezini Roofing 

Why Are Roofing Prices Increasing?

When you are looking to do a new roof, you’ve probably noticed much higher price estimates than the previous year. This can be frustrating because you could have done the roof the previous year, especially if you really like the company. 

You might think companies want to get more profits for themselves, by charging you higher prices. But unfortunately, prices in the roofing industry keep going up in 2022, and roofing companies have to keep pace. 

For Mezini Roofing and other roofing companies, profits compared to previous year have been decreasing. That’s why I want to help home owners understand where the price increase is coming from and why it’s happening. 

 The main reason why roofing prices are increasing relates directly to manufacturers raising their prices. Only this year alone the shingle prices has increased two times with around 30% more than last year. This is because the oil prices has increased which is one of the most important components of the asphalt shingles.

Oil/Gas Prices increases are the other factor that directly relates to the prices of the living. You as well as us have to pay more for almost everything. This makes the workers to ask for a raise due to the increase of the living cost. 

We as professional roofers have to adapt with everything that is going on this year. We have to let go some of our profit to stay in business. We are going through a tough time with the recession.

So we suggest homeowners to not wait until next year to do the roof because the price to install a new roof might be 1000-2000$ more than doing it this year. 



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